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River Rafting in Rishikesh Price

If you have always been fond of adventure sports and now want to experience a new adventure, then you should keep the plan of River Rafting Rishikesh in your wish list. Rishikesh is the most adventurous tourist from India.



Here is the guide to Do Rishikesh rafting:

Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in rishikesh
Camp Nature View

Rs1600/- Rs2,200Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping , All meals


Camp In Rishikesh
Rishikesh Cottages

Rs /-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure


River Rafting Packages
River Side Resort

Rs 3000/-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
17 KMS rafting,camping ,and all adventure


Jungle Camping
Jungle Camp 1

Rs 2000/- Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure.


Brahmpuri to Rishikesh

Rs. /| 1 Night / 2 Days
9 Kms River Rafting
Meals:-Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Adventure sports/Activity:-Trekking, Rafting, ganga Body Surfing, Cliff Jumping,
Camps Sports/Activity:- Volleyball, camp Bonfire, Camping activity, camp games.
View more>>Brahmpuri Rafting

River Rafting Shivpuri

Rs. 1200 / | 1 Night / 2 Days
16 Kms River Rafting,

Meals:- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Adventure Sports:- Rafting, Treking, Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing at ganga,
Camp Sports/ Activity:- Camp Volleyball, camps Bonfire ,All Camping activity, beach games.
view more >> Shivpuri Rafting

Rafting in Marin Drive

Rs..1600 /| 1 Night / 2 Days
24 Km River Rafting,
Adventure Sports/Activity:-Trekking , 24 kms Raft,Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing ,
Camp Activity:-Camp activity, camp Bonfire ,Play Volleyball, Camp games.
view more >>Marindrive Rafting

Top Adventure Sports Activities in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping
Rs 3400/--Height:-83 M
AGE:Above 12 Yrs.
Weights:-35kg to 110 kg
More >> Bungee Jump

The adventure avtivity sports of descending down to rock, relying 100% on the equipment, is called rappelling. Like rappelling in Rishikesh is also great fun.
Kayaking In Rishikesh The popularity of kayaking at Rishikesh is increasing day by day more and more. It is an adventure activity where the adventurer uses a kayak to paddle across a waterway.
rishikesh camping packages Rishikesh is not very much famous for trekking. But client can find & enjoyed some exiting trek here. Here you can do jungle trek and village trek.

Cliff Jumping
cliff jumpingYet another wonderful option to experience thrill is to get yourself busy in cliff jumping. All those who are at Shivpuri for River rafting can't miss cliff jumping.
Paintball is a sport activity in which players can compete, in individually or teams .
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing / Mountaineering are a breathtaking adventure that lets you face challenge at every step you move ahead.
Zipline In RIshikesh
Zipline is most adventures and famous in Shivpuri Rishikesh

Best Time For Rishikesh River Rafting Package

Rafting is conducted in Rishikesh every year from 15 September to 30 June. It is India's first and leading River Rafting tour operator (company).

We supply beneficial and useful information on the subject of travel, such as rafting, beachfront and woods and high-end camping and trekking and paintball and bungee-jump and seashore volleyball and climbing and wrapping and cliff jumping and human body Things of yoga and trekking in the browsing yoga metropolis. We make Saturday, and Sunday getaway and excursion preparation easy!

The oldest early and spiritual metropolis of rafting, ashrams and temples, would be appropriately renowned for attaining diversity. Could it be that the tranquil and holy river Ganga Maa, ghats, ritual festivals and prayers, yoga and meditation centres are the things, but it is one of the famous areas where everyone can only ignore self-love and adventure ultimately Could? Excellent sports and adventure vacation destination Rishikesh is famous for Dehradun as well as a renowned tourist place located in the foothills of the Himalayas at a distance of 280 km from New Delhi.


Useful Information & Safety Tips for Rishikesh Rafting

Carry for Camping & Rishikesh River Rafting

Swimming costume, drying shorts
Battery Torch
Odomas, Antiseptic Cream.
Waterproof disposable camera .

We provide Rafting Gears & Assistance
Rafting Guide & Splash life jackets.
Helmets & rafting gears
Other required safety accessories
Best River Rafting Season in Rishikesh
September to June

How to reach Rishikesh for Rafting : -

Rishikesh Rafting now attract thousands of professional sports hunting travellers every year.The excitement and enjoyment of Shivpuri river rafting deals are out of any adverse situation. It has a feeling like no other in the natural configuration of the magnificent landscape. rafting is currently a trending action in the world and attracts all customers.

Rafting is different from your regular athletic experience activities and in itself provides a more specific encounter and unforgettable experience. Rafting is a more well-known recreational action plus, which must be at least 14 years of age to do. But being a swimmer is not a requirement to try this excellent adventure water sports activity. You will find four different starting points of Rishikesh River Rafting, which range from basic to challenging. As a result, you may have four specific places to choose from other points.

By Road:- Delhi to Rishikesh 250 kms far.

By Rail:- The nearest railway are Haridwar and Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the fastest approach to rafting in the future.

By Air:-The Jolly Grant of Rishikesh is the nearest airport from 20 km.

Rishikesh Road Distance Chart

Delhi to Rishikesh: 240kms.
Haridwar -: Rishikesh: 25kms.
Dehradun -: Rishikesh: 44kms .
Mussoorie -: Rishikesh: 78kms .
Meerut -: Rishikesh: 170kms.
Rudraprayag -: Rishikesh: 139kms.
Joshimath -: Rishikesh: 252kms.
Lansdown -: Rishikesh: 109kms .

12 Kms :-:: Rs. 400 Per Person
16 Kms:-:: Rs. 600 Per Pax
24 Kms:-:: Rs. 800 Per Person
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camping in rishikesh



Rishikesh famous dangerous rapids and difficulty level on the ganga :-

daniel's dip , golf course and club house, good morning, money cross, double trouble, great wall (risk involved ).
initiation blind mice, cross fire, roller coaster,

Adventure Activities at Rishikesh Uttarakhand India :-

bungee jumping, life jacket, rights reserved, rafting expedition,rafting trip, ganga river, grade iii, tour packages,

Camping in Rishikesh


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Camping in Rishikesh: Experience Nature's Serenity in Uttarakhand

As the sun sets over Rishikesh's Himalayan foothills, the sky takes on an exquisite orange and pink hue. Only the sound of water rushing by and birds singing in trees fills the air - moments like these make camping in Rishikesh such an unforgettable experience.

Rishikesh, also known as the "Yoga Capitol of the World," is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Rishikesh is located at the foot of the Himalayas and has an incredible natural scenery.With its tranquil rivers, lush woods, and stunning mountains as backdrop, camping there has become increasingly popular among outdoor adventurers.

Rishikesh offers campers the perfect chance to escape city life and reconnect with nature. It's perfect for lone travellers, families, and adventurers alike; with a range of accommodation options available - from luxury tents with all amenities to primitive sites that only need minimal supplies. Rishikesh offers something special for everyone when it comes to camping - offering something for everyone's taste and budget.

Shivpuri, a small village about 16 kilometers from Rishikesh's city center, is one of the most sought-after camping spots. Known for its scenic beauty and adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and trekking - Shivpuri makes an ideal camping spot as it sits on the banks of the Ganges River with lush green forests surrounding it.

Shivpuri offers a multitude of activities to keep you occupied during your stay. Enjoy river rafting on the Ganges, hiking through forests or taking a nature walk to explore flora and fauna. In the evenings, gather around a bonfire for some barbeque under the stars; alternatively, Rishikesh offers many yoga and meditation classes as well.

Shivpuri offers a variety of campsites, each providing something special. Some offer luxury tents with attached bathrooms and running water, while others provide basic tents with shared facilities. Most campgrounds provide all meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks and tea/coffee - at no additional charge.

For those seeking a more luxurious camping experience in Rishikesh, there are several luxury campsites. These establishments provide all the amenities of a hotel with air-conditioned tents, attached bathrooms and 24-hour room service; some even feature swimming pools or spa facilities.

Experience the magnificence of nature and camp in Rishikesh! It's the ideal location for adventurers, families, and lone travellers looking to escape city life and get closer to nature. Whether you choose Shivpuri or one of Rishikesh's other campsites, you are sure to have a fantastic time.

When is the Best Time to Visit Rishikesh for Camping?

When to Plan Your Adventuresome Escape in Rishikesh: When is the Best Time for Camping Trips?

Discovering Rishikesh through Seasons

Are you an adventurous soul searching for an exciting break from city life's hectic pace?
Rishikesh, known as the Yoga Capital of the World, boasts stunning natural landscapes and thrilling activities that make it a sought-after destination for camping lovers. To fully savor this experience, it is recommended to plan your visit during one of Rishikesh's prime seasons.

Summer: Not for the Weak-Hearted

Rishikesh in summer can be quite hot, with temperatures sometimes reaching up to 40degC. While it's ideal for water-based activities like river rafting and camping, the dry climate increases the risk of forest fires. On the plus side, summer offers budget-friendly opportunities due to being off-season when camping facilities tend to be cheaper.

Monsoon: A Rainy Adventure

Rishikesh experiences monsoon season from June to September, which brings heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and lightning. While camping during this time can be romantic and adventurous, it is not recommended for inexperienced campers due to terrain becoming slippery and hazardous. On the plus side, rains create a lush green landscape which is breathtaking to witness and the river swells up with water-based activities becoming even more exciting!

Autumn: A Perfect Time to Explore?

Rishikesh's autumn months from October to November are ideal for camping enthusiasts. Temperatures hover between 20degC and 30degC, making it comfortable to go hiking or camping. Clear skies offer stunning views of the Himalayan range while the river remains calm - ideal for swimming and kayaking. Plus, autumn brings festivals like Diwali and Dussehra which add to the cultural experience when visiting Rishikesh.

Winter: Cold but Beautiful

Rishikesh experiences cold winters from December through February, with temperatures dropping as low as 10degC. But the landscape of Rishikesh is stunning in wintertime - snow-capped mountains and a tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal time for camping. The river is calm and water is crystal clear making it ideal for water-based activities like rafting or kayaking; just remember to bring enough warm clothing and gear with you in order to stay comfortable during these chilly months!

Finally, when it comes to camping in Rishikesh, the ideal time depends on your preferences and level of experience. Summers are ideal for water-based activities but can be uncomfortable while camping; monsoon is ideal for adventurers while autumn offers comfortable camping with added cultural experiences; winter brings beauty but requires adequate preparation due to cold temperatures. So plan accordingly and savor an unforgettable camping adventure in Rishikesh!


Top Campsites in Rishikesh for Nature Lovers

If you're searching for a serene retreat from city life, camping in Rishikesh is an ideal option. Boasting majestic mountains, clear rivers and dense forests, Rishikesh has long been a sought-after destination for campers from around the globe. In this article we'll explore some of the top campsites that offer both adventure and relaxation in Rishikesh.

1. Camp AquaForest Camp AquaForest, situated along the banks of the Ganges River, offers nature enthusiasts a haven. Here you'll find activities like hiking, birdwatching and river rafting as well as spacious tents that come fully furnished with all necessary amenities. Plus, their food is delicious and authentic - adding to an already wonderful experience.

2. Camp Gold Coast Camp Gold Coast, situated amidst Rishikesh's lush greenery, offers breathtaking views of the mountains and Ganges River. This campsite caters to adventurers with activities like rappelling, rock climbing and ziplining available on-site. The tents are cozy yet modern in design with all modern conveniences included. Plus, their food is delicious - catering to all dietary requirements as well.

3. Camp Crossfire Set amid the picturesque landscape of Rishikesh, Camp Crossfire offers an ideal balance of adventure and relaxation. Here you'll find activities like river rafting, trekking and bonfire nights to choose from. The tents are spacious, comfortable and equipped with all necessary amenities; plus the food served here is delightful - adding to a truly enjoyable camping experience!

4. Camp Ganga Vatika Offering an idyllic camping experience on the banks of the Ganges River, Camp Ganga Vatika offers a tranquil and serene camping experience. Here, guests can take part in activities such as nature walks, birdwatching and yoga; tents are fully furnished with all necessary amenities; plus the food served here is delicious and authentic, further adding to the all-around camping experience.

5. Camp WildHawk Nestled amidst Rishikesh's scenic beauty, Camp WildHawk is an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts. Here you'll find activities like rock climbing, river rafting and trekking as well as spacious tents equipped with all modern conveniences. Not to mention that their food is delicious - catering to all dietary requirements!

Camping in Rishikesh provides the ideal combination of adventure and relaxation amidst stunning natural landscapes. These top campsites in Rishikesh provide a range of activities and amenities to meet every camper's needs, so pack your bags and prepare yourself for an unforgettable camping adventure in Rishikesh!

What to Bring for a Camping Trip in Rishikesh

Essential Items to Pack for Your Rishikesh Camping Trip
Planning a camping trip in Rishikesh requires packing the essential items.

Clothing and Footwear
Rishikesh's weather can be unpredictable, so it's essential to plan ahead when planning for a camping trip. While temperatures may rise during the day, they drop drastically at night so make sure you bring gear that keeps you cosy and warm.

Bring lightweight, breathable clothes for the day like t-shirts, shorts, and comfortable pants. In addition, don't forget to pack warm clothing in the evening - jackets, sweaters, and pants made of thick materials. A pair of comfortable hiking boots is essential when venturing outdoors on outdoor adventures.

Camping Gear
A successful camping trip in Rishikesh requires having the correct camping gear. A high-quality tent, sleeping bag, and mat should be at the top of your packing list.

Make sure your tent is waterproof and spacious enough for you and your camping gear. A sleeping bag that keeps you warm and comfortable while outdoors is essential, while a camping mat helps guarantee a restful night's sleep.

Outdoor Accessories
Rishikesh offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts, so it's essential to bring along the necessary gear. Consider packing a backpack with all your essentials when exploring, and don't forget about bringing along a headlamp or flashlight in case there's any power outages during nighttime adventures or explorations.

Consider packing a portable charger to keep your phone or camera charged throughout your journey. Additionally, bring along water bottles and purification tablets to stay hydrated during outdoor adventures.

Toiletries and First-Aid Kit

Pack toiletries and a first aid kit to stay clean, healthy, and safe during your camping trip in Rishikesh.
If you intend to use soap, shampoo, toothpaste, or a toothbrush, remember to bring them with you.

In case of an emergency, keep a first-aid kit on hand with goods such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, and pain relievers. When the need arises, a basic medical supplies will come in helpful.

Camping in Rishikesh can be an exciting and unforgettable experience, but it's essential to bring along the necessary items so you are safe, comfortable and prepared for all that this region has to offer. With appropriate clothing, camping gear, outdoor accessories, toiletries and a first-aid kit you will be well on your way to making the most of your time here in Rishikesh.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Camping Experience in Rishikesh

Nature enthusiasts will find no better way to connect with nature than by embarking on a camping trip in Rishikesh. However, as with any outdoor activity, careful planning and preparation are key for having an enjoyable and safe experience. In this article, we'll offer some tips that can help ensure your Rishikesh camping trip is both memorable and stress-free.

Select the Right Campsite
Finding the ideal campsite is essential for a secure and enjoyable camping experience in Rishikesh. Look for a site that's away from flood-prone areas with adequate protection against elements. Furthermore, assess its accessibility as well as whether essential amenities like clean water and toilets are provided.

Pack Appropriate Gear and Supplies It is essential to pack appropriate gear and supplies for any camping trip, especially in Rishikesh where you'll need a good quality tent, sleeping bags, warm clothing (especially during the winter months), flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen, and first-aid kit. Other important items you should include in your bag include an adjustable wrench for digging holes; first-aid kit; flashlight; insect repellant; sunscreen; first-aid kit.

Follow Fire Safety Procedures
Campfires are an integral part of camping, but they can also be hazardous if not handled correctly. Always use a designated fire ring and ensure the fire has been completely extinguished before leaving or going to bed. Furthermore, be sure to check local regulations regarding burning before beginning a campfire.

Respect the local wildlife Rishikesh is home to an array of wildlife, such as monkeys, deers and various bird species. To show respect to these creatures it's important not to feed or leave food unattended; otherwise you could end up in unpleasant encounters or potentially hazardous scenarios.

Leave No Trace One of the most essential principles when camping is leaving no trace. This means packing out all trash, including food scraps and toilet paper, and not disturbing local flora and fauna. By leaving no trace, you help preserve Rishikesh's stunning natural landscape for future generations to appreciate.

Be Prepared for Emergencies
No matter how well-prepared you think you are, accidents still happen.
Creating a strategy in case of bad weather or medical concerns is essential, as is packing an adequate first aid bag with all necessary items.
Furthermore, it's wise to notify someone of your camping location and return time.

Finally, camping in Rishikesh provides an idyllic opportunity to be immersed in nature and admire the stunning beauty of the Himalayan foothills.
You can ensure a secure and enjoyable camping experience in this beautiful region of India by paying attention to these tips and taking the time to plan and organize.

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